Torgny, the prettiest Belgian village

In the southernmost tip of Belgium lies Torgny, widely known as the most beautiful village in the country and proof that a whiff of the Provence is only two hours away from Brussels. 

Torgny is in the Gaume region in the province of Luxemburg, south of the Ardennes and surrounded by France on three sides. The village enjoys a micro climate, so it is well suited for vineyards. Even when, only a few kilometers away, people go skiing in the Ardennes, the Gaume has barely seen a snowflake.

The local wines aren’t the only thing that may remind you here of France. Because of the rolling hills, the honey-coloured houses and the abundance of flowers, Torgny has the feel of the French Provence region. This is truly a holiday spot.

The village is quite small, so there isn’t a great deal to do except from taking in the view and enjoying the local restaurants’ gastronomy, but Torgny is the perfect place from which to explore the rest of the region.

We recommend walks and bike rides in the countryside, as well as a visit to the Abbey of the Trappist Cistercian monks of Orval.

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