Top 6 male fashion Instagrammers from Belgium

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There are only a handful of Belgian male social media influencers out there with a passion for fashion, but quality over quantity, right? Here are six of our best Instagrammers (and their own favorite Instagrammers and designers) for your daily dose of menswear inspiration.


Who? Antwerp-based Matthias Geerts (21) founded in 2013 and currently has a whopping 132k followers on Instagram (we had to raise the number twice while writing this post!), making him one of the most popular menswear bloggers in the Benelux. H&M voted him ‘Best Dressed Man’ in Belgium in 2015. Oh, and on his Instagram account he says he’s ‘European’, which shows just how unfashionable chauvinism is in Belgium 😉

Why follow? A lot of thought goes in the pictures Matthias posts on Instagram. It’s a modern mixture of travel, grooming and clothing and a very well balanced combination of both fun snapshots and high end fashion photography.  If you met him in real life, you’d immediately know his goal isn’t to attract attention, he just genuinely loves fashion and likes to pass on his passion. Oh, and he dares to be different: if he likes it, he’ll wear it, even if it’s out of the ordinary. Check out his pictures in Indonesia



Who? Jonathan Zegbe (24) is a menswear blogger, also based in Antwerp. He started blogging and Instagramming as Jon The Gold in 2011, sharing the latest menswear trends. He won Zalando‘s best male blog award in 2015.

Why follow? His Instagram just screams cool. And fashion, of course. Jon posts both street style pictures in various locations, foodstagrams, occasional fun GIFs and commercial shots. We love that he smiles a lot of his pictures. Too many fashion Instagrammers out there take themselves too seriously. Not Jon! He’s loving it and he’s showing it.

  • Favorite Belgian designer: Raf Simons
  • Favorite item in his wardrobe: My black leather jacket with fringes by Episode
  • Favorite international male fashion Instagrammer: @themetroman

Who? Dries Vriesacker (20) is a Cross Media Management student in (you guessed it) Antwerp. The city bears its name of ‘fashion capital of Belgium’ well! Dries originally isn’t from Antwerp though, he grew up in a town called Beveren in East-Flanders. He blogs at

Why follow? Dries recently became a fashion columnist for a Flemish newspaper (Gazet van Antwerpen), so we believe he has yet to reach his full potential. The main focus of his account is fashion, with a splash of travel and lifestyle. Browsing through his pictures gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to live in Antwerp as a young man with a sense of fashion. He knows how to make it feel real! An evolving story worth keeping an eye on…


Who? Having a celebrity girlfriend doesn’t hurt, but Domien Loubry (31) hasn’t done too bad for himself either. Domien is a Belgian professional basketball player living it Antwerp and has been blogging about fashion along with girlfriend Zoë (she’s an Antwerp television presenter) at The Sound of our shoes. They make a great team!

Why follow? What’s different about his Instagram is the amazing settings of his fashion posts. It’s not just about the clothes (and his athletic body shape that is often on display), it’s about all of life’s pleasures and the feel-good factor that comes with them: fashion, food, love, travel, sports. His pictures of posts in Bali are downright mouthwatering…

  • Favorite Belgian designer: Raf Simons
  • Favorite item in his wardrobe:  Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 ‘tan’ sneakers.
  • Favorite international male fashion Instagrammer: @Kosta Williams


Who? Antwerp-based freelancer Jan Van Eldere (24) is a writer for Belmodo, a highly rated ‘blogazine’ in Belgium about fashion, beauty and lifestyle in general. He’s a massive fan of the Belgian fashion scene (the number of favorite Belgian designers he shares with us is proof of that) and he did an internship with three different PR agencies in Belgium.

Why follow? You can tell by his Instagram feed that Jan is marketing talent on the rise. While everyone else in fashion mainly posts staged selfies and portraits, Jan is perfectly happy to step away from the camera and let the clothes and products steal the spotlight. He uses a lovely pinkish-gray toned filter and his attention for detail is downright inspiring.


Who? A menswear and sneaker enthusiast from Lier, a town southeast from Antwerp, with 29,6k followers. Jeroen (24) has been on Instagram for two years now but only recently starting posting regularly. He also blogs along with his girlfriend Nathalie (a popular blogger with 124k followers on Instagram) at

Why follow? If you have a sneaker fetish (and we mean that in the friendliest way), you will L-O-V-E Jeroens Instagram feed. Practically every shot features different sneakers and he manages to keep it entertaining every time. Our favorite shot is the one is where he jumps in the air on the street. The duo sneaker shots with his girlfriend are particularly cute too.

  • Favorite Belgian designer: Raf Simons
  • Favorite item in his wardrobe: Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Turtledove’ sneakers
  • Favorite international male fashion Instagrammer: Adam Gallagher
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