Old timer cruising in the Flemish Ardennes

Not only do the winding tracks and hills in the Flemish Ardennes form the perfect decor for the Flemish cycling classics, these roads are also ideal for a scenic car ride through the countryside. But not in just any car… Hire a nice classic or vintage car for the day or afternoon – preferably a convertible – and cruise the back roads of East Flanders!

We hired two Citroën 2CV coupés for the afternoon at a company in Oudenaarde, in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes. Of the 5 mapped routes we could choose from, we picked the ‘Tour of Flanders’, a gorgeous 60 kilometer drive that takes you through the most beautiful spots of the region. And off we went, armed with a GoPro and selfie stick! Watch our 1,5 minute video to get a little taste of our road trip experience.

Good to know:

  • There are several car hire companies in the region but not all of them have marked out routes for you, so check before booking.
  • Directions may only be in Dutch (or French) so either dust off your language skills or get a travel companion who masters the language. The directions for the ‘Tour of Flanders’ that we chose has plenty of photos of several intersections, came in handy!
  • If you have never driven an old timer like the Citroën 2CV before, don’t worry. Before you hit the road, you get all the explanation you need.
  • Plenty of room in the trunk to take a picnic.
  • Mind the cyclists, there will be plenty on a sunny day.



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