In pictures: The Ghent Light Festival

Every three years at the end of January, the city of Ghent in Belgium changes into a beautiful illuminated night-time wonderland. International artists set up light installations and projections, making the city shine over a 6,6 km walking tour. Here are some of our favorite light attractions of the previous edition. 


‘The Cloud’, an interactive sculpture created from 6,000 incandescent light bulbs, that you can switch on and off by pulling the strings.


A slideshow of colorfoul drawings, projected against the walls.

Are we nowhere, or are we now here?

Sometimes the whole word lits up, sometimes it’s just ‘now’, or ‘where’, or ‘we’. Makes you think!


Dozens of luminous globes, lighting up in synchrony to rhythmic tunes.

Giant rabbit

Yep, it’s a giant luminous rabbit in the middle of a square.

Luminous ropes

Hundreds of meters of light-exuding rope, tied together to different buildings.


A magical play of light and shadow inside an abandoned building.

Spot the fish

Spread around the city, giant animals pop up behind shop windows, like this goldfish. Great fun.

Drawings in the sky

A twelve meter wire sculpture mobile by artist Ralf Westerhof, suspended above the river.

Feeling dizzy already?

And finally, watching these luminous, multicolored lines, stretched over a completely dark pathway will surely mess with your brain. It’s like you’re losing all sense of space.

Lichtfestival Gent

31 Jan to 3 Feb 2018