A green paradise near Bruges


Sometimes you’re just fed up with the city, and you want to fill your lungs with fresh air. We’ve found the perfect place for when you’re staying in Bruges. Green, clean and mean: the Bulskampveld domain ticks all the right boxes.

What? We have to admit it is a bit difficult to describe this place. Is it a forest or a park? Even better, it’s both!

Where? Bulskampveld is in the province of West-Flanders, roughly between Bruges and Ghent.

Why? It’s the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon.

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The Bulskampveld provincial domain is situated just outside Bruges. It has a castle, a herb garden, a big forest, wetlands, a nature reserve, an English-style park, a bird sanctuary, a café, a visitor centre and a shop selling ice cream from local farmers. What’s not to love?

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We came here in autumn, and were amazed by the forest basking in a million colours. Several walks start at the visitor centre, so head over there and take your pick. We started with the blue 2,5 kilometre park walk, but soon drifted off and went wherever we felt like. Afterwards we couldn’t resist an ice cream from the dairy shop, and why would you for 1,25 euros a scoop?

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How do you get there?

  • You can drive to Bulskampveld by taking the Oostkamp or Beernem exits off the E40 motorway. There are two free parkings: Drie Koningen and Het Aanwijs. You can also take bus number 28 or 26 from Bruges.
  • We also recommend Bulskampveld when you’re staying in Ghent. It is only under half an hour away!

Bulskampveld 9, 8730 Beernem

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