Belgium is well prepared for a medieval invasion


Did you know that Belgium has more castles per square kilometer than any other country in the world?

Belgium covers roughly about 30.000 km² (1,780 square miles) and counts well over 3.000 castles. That’s one castle per square kilometer! From abandoned castles to amazingly preserved fortresses to partially inhabited châteaux and restored castles converted into museum, hotel or royal holiday home, they come in all types, tastes, sizes and functions. Even Belgians sometimes find it hard to believe there are so many, mainly because a lot of them aren’t easy to spot: they’re surrounded by massive gardens and are hidden behind huge fences.

There are more than 400 ‘kastelen’ (Dutch) or ‘châteaux’ (French) that are open to the public. Many, such as the magnificent castle of Durbuy in the Ardennes, date back to as early as the 11th century! And for the lucky few who are looking for a spacious second home in Belgium, there’s always a castle for sale out there somewhere…


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