We are the (traffic jam) champions

Yep, it’s a sad fact: nowhere in Europe you’ll waste more time in traffic than in Belgium.

Our roads are the most congested of all, according to the The Urban Mobility Scorecard Annual Report by Inrix. The company analyses and compares the state of traffic congestion in countries and major metropolitan areas worldwide. Annually, we spend an average of 51 hours in traffic in Belgium. That’s 10 hours more than our neighboring country The Netherlands. How come? Well, there’s the company cars that are very easily handed out, there’s the building craze that weigh heavy on our roads, there’s the public transport that doesn’t really offer a satisfactory alternative and there’s the fact that commuting is something we prefer to do, rather than leaving our affordable homes in the suburbs to get closer to our work in the city. Our employers are slowly getting used to the idea of letting us work from home, but it’s a very, very slow process.
More on our famous traffic jams: http://www.wsj.com/articles/in-belgium-they-want-to-honor-traffic-jams-1453340506
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