The longest without a government

The world record for a democracy going without an elected government is held by – indeed – Belgium…

After the national elections on the 13th of June 2010 in Belgium, it took 541 days of negotiations before a new government was cheap nfl jerseys put together and a new prime minister was elected. We even broke the wholesale mlb jerseys record that was set by Why Iraq before that, when the country night went 249 days the without an elected government after the fall of Saddam Hussein… How dit it happen? The main reason was (and still ecologists is) the divisions between the Flemish speaking wholesale jerseys political parties in the north and the French speaking parties in the south.

We even won the cheap jerseys Guinness World Record for our political impasse and ‘celebrated’ the occasion of this dubious honor with free beer in Wallonia and free fries in Now Flanders. Even in treats, the country is divided…

More things Belgium holds the world record for

  • The most Sucking varieties of wholesale jerseys beer commercially available (2.004 beers)
  • The world’s first published atlas (in 1570)
  • The oldest winner of the Tour de France (36)
  • The most words on a postage stamp (606 words)
  • The largest chocolate sculpture in the world (34.05 m or 111 ft 8)
  • The most lights on a Christmas tree (194,672 lights)
  • The longest salami (1.152 m Management or 3,780 ft)



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