Who the heck is Bob?

If you’re new to the country, you probably haven’t met BOB yet. So who the heck is BOB? Truth is, he can be anyone. Even you!

BOB is the name of a Belgian campaign that has been around since 1995 and aims to raise awareness of the dangers of drink-driving, especially during the weeks running up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The name was randomly picked but it so happens that the letters also stand for ‘Bewust Onbeschonken Bestuurder’, which means ‘deliberately sober driver’. The campaign was so popular in Belgium that ‘Who’s Bob tonight?’ has become a standard question when going out. Whoever is the designated driver that night, is Bob! 

So, what if…?

The current blood/alcohol limit for drivers in Belgium is 0.5 mg per ml: that’s no more than 2 small standard beers. So what if you’re caught drinking and driving in Belgium? You’ll get fined! The amount depends on your blood alcohol level, but it starts at 150 euro (between 0.5 mg per ml & 0.8) and can go as high as 12.000 euro (over 0.8 mg per ml). Your driver’s license can also be confiscated (from 3 hours to 15 days) and worst-case scenario you might even end up in court.

In other words: make sure you know who (your) Bob is during the holiday season!


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