Did you know Manneken Pis has a little sister (and a dog)?

When you gotta go you gotta go…  Meet Zinneke and Jeanneke Pis! Just like Manneken Pis, these statues in Brussels aren’t tinkle shy…

Brussels has a thing for peeing statues and we’re not just referring to Manneken Pis, the 61 cm (24 inches) bronze boy proudly urinating into a fountain on the corner of Rue de l’Etuve and Rue des Grands Carmes. Yes, there are more! On two other locations in the capital city, you’ll find a little girl and a dog that are answering the call of nature as well.

Jeanneke Pis was inaugurated in the 80s so she’s younger than Manneken Pis (and a few inches shorter as well). A plaque near the statue will tell you about the legend of how the little girl came about, but long story short: local merchants were inspired by Manneken Pis and put her there to lure more visitors. And for gender equality, obviously 🙂

Jeanneke Pis making her bladder gladder on a blue-grey limestone base

And then there’s Zinneke the dog, who has been lifting his leg to a street pole in the Kartuizerstraat since 1999. As a mixed-breed dog, he symbolizes the multicultural nature of Brussels. The artist, Tom Frantzen, has created a few other neat street sculptures for Brussels as well.

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