The 7 most popular airbnb listings in Bruges

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Airbnb gave us an exclusive top of their most popular listings in Belgium over the past year. The conclusion? Of the 10 listings, 7 are located in the same city: Bruges. So why not make this top all about Bruges instead? Here they are, Bruges’ most desired airbnb listings from 7 to 1!

Airbnb measured the top by how many people added the available accommodations to their wish list. It seems like the medieval town of Bruges appeals to the imagination of tourists like no other place in Belgium…

7. Guest house and room outside of the city centre

Great for discovering Bruges and its surroundings.

6.  Guesthouse in the historic heart of Bruges

Spend the night in a renovated 18th century house!

5. Luxury loft downtown

Just 450 m from the market square.

4. Guesthouse along the canals

A former trading house turned into a guesthouse.

3. Private room in a house near the old city gate

Lovely setting in a green, authentic and quiet neighbourhood.

2. Charming house in the old part of town

Attractions, restaurants and shops are all within walking distance.

1. Thé most popular listing in Bruges (and 2nd most popular in all of Belgium)

Private room and en suite bathroom in a B&B, set in a renovated medieval house.


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