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To make your travels, online quests and fun reads about Belgium easier, we’ve created this ongoing list of active blogs and websites, entirely or partially devoted to Belgium. Things to do, cities to visit, places to stay, things to eat or bits and bobs just for fun, it’s all there and all written in English.

The official website that is linked to the weekly television show ‘Fans of Flanders’. The website (and show) takes you on a trip through the country via various videos. It’s especially aimed at expats, but since all videos have English subtitles some of them might be fun to watch as a tourist, too. Like this one about the Flemish beach. You can also watch complete episodes online.

A blog about Belgium that is a both similar and different to This Must be Belgium. Walking, cycling, crafts, nature, history, villages, museums, art, culture, people … Blogger Denzil Walton explores several different areas. Here’s a nice read about the long-distance footpaths that criss-cross the country.

An independent online magazine seeking out the best of what Belgium has to offer, always on the lookout for new places, interesting people and things to do. The blog keeps you updated about what’s going on in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Liège, Charleroi and beyond, giving you first-hand insight into our country’s art, music, food and fashion scenes. New tips every week!

A multidisciplinary platform celebrating Belgian lifestyle, architecture, culture, fashion, food. Here’s a fun post about an unexpected attraction in Charleroi.

An online guide, dedicated to Belgian beer and food culture. Their city guides, about where to go and what to see as a beer lover, are especially interesting.

A British-Austrian couple that blogs about restaurants, bars, venues etc. They’ve also started adding sights, museums, parks and other attractions in Brussels and other Belgian cities. Here’s their review of the 63 kilometer long Promenade Verte (Green Path) that takes you along the edges of Brussels.

A blog by Analia Glogowski, a Paris born girl who was raised in Uruguay and settled in Brussels seven years ago. It’s all about food, music and travel, boasting restaurant reviews, interviews with bands and travel tips. Her Brussels food  & drink tips are especially nice!

Your alternative ‘raw’ guide to Antwerp and Brussels and perhaps more Belgian cities to come. It’s basically a travel guide that brings you to all the shitty places you probably shouldn’t visit but are still drawn to, like brown bars and cheap restaurants. A guide based upon experiences, lies, assumptions, truths, stories, exaggerations and some additional bullshit. They also organize walking tours.

Online platform about Belgian movies, art and neighbourhood living. Their ‘15 things to do this weekend‘ posts are especially inspiring.


A photography student from Brussels started this blog in 2011 as a school assignment: take one picture every day. The blog is still going on and going strong today, with a lot of fans on Facebook too. The pictures (and sometimes personal stories attached to them) show life as it is in Belgium (mainly in Brussels: the people, street scenes, the lifestyle, the culture.

Believe it or not, but this blog, featuring nothing but pictures of ugly Belgian houses, has thousands of followers. It may have something to do with the really witty captions that creator Hannes Coudeneys adds to the pictures. It’s a blog that makes you smile, even if you’re looking at sad, sad Belgian architecture. Here’s a funny example. And another one! The blog is big on Instagram, too.

Blogs partially about Belgium

Stephanie Smolders shares her favorite bits of the world, including Belgium, on her blog. Tourist exclusive is all about places with extraordinary beauty, hotspots you only see in the movies and hotels that make you feel special. Check out her take on what a citytrip in Bruges should be like.

Meet Alison & Andrew, two Canadians who promote slow travelling around Europe… with their cats. They’ve lived in Belgium for over 10 years so they have quite a few stories to share about the country. Here’s a fun post: the top 10 weirdest thing they did in Belgium.

Belgian blogger Sofie wanders the world, but enjoys exploring her own country too. For 1,99 euro you can buy her walks through various Belgian cities.

The Culture Trip showcases the best art, culture, food and travel for every country in the world, including Belgium. It’s mainly about Brussels since but you’ll find tips about other Belgian cities too. Here’s their top 10 best romantic getaways in our country.

Every Monday, Julie and her team of contributors cheers you up with food, music, design and travel. In Belgium, too! Here’s what they have on Antwerp.

Is one of the blogs no longer active or are we missing a valuable blog in our list?

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