Belgium can (still) be easily spotted from space

@ Thomas Pesquet

How do you locate a country as small as Belgium from space? Easy. Just wait for the night to fall, look down on earth and find the brightest spot.

There once was a time when the Belgian highways were illuminated nearly 100% at night. Since 2011, a lot of the lights are switched off during parts of the night to save money and energy, but nonetheless Belgium still stands out every now and then after dark, due to its very high density of roads. The proof is in the pictures! Here’s a recent photo, shot by the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet:

 More nighttime pictures by NASA:
Belgium’s two major metropolitan areas, taken by an astronaut on the International Space Station.
The brightly lit core of the Liège urban area, also taken from the ISS
The whole country from the ISS
Can you spot Belgium? (click to enlarge)
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